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Welcome to Bloom Body and Baby.
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Bloom Body and Baby was created with the intention to support Mama's through all stages of motherhood.
From bump and birth to baby and beyond, we are here to support you by providing not only practical, but beautifully designed products, to help you along your journey. 
You've got this Mama,


Bloom Body and Baby


Hi, I'm Mia!

I'm a wife, daughter, friend and sister but my most important title by far is Mama. I've been blessed with two cheeky cherubs who keep me on my toes (and test my patience daily). There is nothing I love more than hearing them belly laugh and having snuggly cuddles before bed. 

I was inspired to create Bloom Body and Baby while holidaying with family when I was expecting baby number two. I truly believe being pregnant and the build up to meeting your newest bundle is one of the most exciting times one can experience - all that preparation, wonder and love!

I'm excited to help other Mama's on their journey and to share a range of beautiful yet practical products for all stages of motherhood. From pregnancy wellness, birth and breastfeeding support to post-partum care, my wish is that Bloom Body and Baby grows into the support hub for women I dream for it to be. 

Thank you for coming along this journey with me, xo.